Our Services


The ADC Service Catalog is one of the most valuable elements for the ADC, as it creates awareness about the value offering we have designed and deployed to enable and accelerate our customer (business) operations. This Service Catalog acts as a catalyst for the business growth by allowing our operations to have a better alignment with their needs.

 It is composed by 3 categories covered by an exhaustive scope of solutions that enable the maintenance, support and evolution of the business technology environment.


ADC Services for Business Processes


The ADC Services for Business Processes Category is related to provide availability, support, enhancement and maintenance to the different platforms and applications that enable the business processes. This category includes the following processes:

- Finance and Controlling
- Sales and Distribution
- Procurement
- Manufacturing
- Human Resources
- Health and Safety
- Data to Information (Reporting)


ADC Services for Information Security


The ADC Security Services Category is related to supporting and maintaining the required controls to ensure that employees can only access (view or edit) information that is relevant to their job role. Additionally, this category includes services related to detecting, identifying, communicating and helping resolve Security Information vulnerabilities and risks across the organization.


ADC Services for Service Management


The ADC Services for Service Management Category is related to providing the capabilities required for supporting the technology to enable the IT Services and processes, as well as to ensure that the IT assets (computers, laptops, servers, etc.) are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, licensed and disposed of, appropriately, based on their life cycle and usage.